How to Make Simple Lace Dress

long lace dress

Lace dress is recently popular among girls because of its unique style. With mostly comes in black, lace dress is suitable for gothic theme. Many famous clothing line such as Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, and Emilo Puci are featured Lace dress in their clothing line. If you wish to wear lace dress in the next party, you can choose long lace dress which can be designed on your own with basic pattern as mentioned below:

First, visit your local clothing retailer to find lace fabric. After you find the fabric, make a basic pattern of long lace dress in your size. Second, place the pattern that you’ve been designed on top of the fabric and then pin it with sewing pin. After you pin the pattern, you can start to cut around the pattern using sewing scissor. You can repeat the step above to make another pattern in the fabric. After you have another pattern in the fabric, pin the side of each pattern using sewing pins.

long lace dress

After the steps above completed, fold the remaining fabric for the neckline of the dress, pin it with sewing pins and sew it using sewing machine. Sew it slowly to make it more delicate. Finally remove the pins, and turn the pattern right side out to shape lace dress motives.

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